Global blockchain and Web3 accelerator
based in Tokyo and Singapore


/ NeW

We are the founders/early contributors of Polkadot, Kusama, Astar Network, Ethereum Japan, NEAR Protocol and have been building in Web3 space since 2018.

We focus on helping the new generation of Web3 entrepreneurs and being the best bridge between Asia and the rest of the world.


NeW has seven founders spearheading the Web3 ecosystem in Japan and Asia

Sota Watanabe

Sota is the founder of Astar Network, a multichain smart contract hub on Polkadot. Previously he has worked at Chronicled, as well as served as a joint research fellow at the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo.

Yusuke Obinata (Obi)

Obi has worked through the launch of Polkadot and Kusama and its ecosystem growth at Web3 Foundation. Previously, he co-founded Ethereum Japan and led some of the earliest Web3/Blockchain developer movements in Asia.

Yudai Suzuki

After working at a startup incubator and financial company, Yudai co-founded Fracton Ventures to support Web3.0 and DAO ecosystem in 2021. He is also a vice-chairman of the DeFi division of the Japan Crypto Asset Business Association and a board member of the Ethereum Staking Association in Japan.

Shun Ishikawa

Shun is the COO of Stake Technologies, a core team behind Astar Network. Prior to that, he was a producer of an NFT game My Crypto Heroes, which recorded the world’s highest DAU/sales/trading volume among Ethereum dApps in 2019.

Toshi Kamei

Toshi is the co-founder of Fracton Ventures, empowering the Web3 startup ecosystem in Japan, and former Producer of Mistletoe, a social impact-focused collective community founded by Taizo Son.

Kei Seki

Kei has previously worked in Point72 Asset Management. Prior to that, he was one of the founding members of DMM's cryptocurrency exchange project.

Naoki Akazawa

Naoki has 6 years of experience in machine learning and blockchain, smart contract as a software engineer. He’s also authored a text book for blockchain developers in 2019.